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Rita Coolidge
How It Came To Be

A long time ago, when all the people lived together, they began to quarrel, so Creator separated them to the east, north, west and south. And, because these places were new to the people, Creator sent instructions in dreams as legends and stories to guide them. It is said that the world today is the way it is, because the people have forgotten their instructions.

The storytellers have for centuries been the ones to continue the remembering of those instructions - as valid today as when the Creator gave them to us. The oral tradition of sharing legends and stories helps us to understand cultural differences and gain insight into the generations that have come and gone before us, so hopefully, we may learn to live in peace today.

The study of heritage combined with the study of language rebuilds pride and self-esteem in any culture. This is especially true of American Indians who were deprived of their heritage and culture for centuries. This deprivation caused severe damage to the self-confidence of many young Indian men and women today - damage that has thwarted their attempts to share in today's society. Through the study of their heritage, culture and language, this damage can be healed and their talents and abilities added to the strengths of this nation. The power of this country is in her people.

Our Mission

For this reason Sovereign Nations Preservation Project, Inc. is established. To this cause we are dedicated: to inform, educate, and encourage the awareness of tribal history, culture, language and aspirations of Native Americans.

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