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Peter Coyote
Peter Coyote
American Indian Healthcare DVD August Schellenberg
August Schellenberg
"Don't Get Sick After June: American Indian Healthcare"
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Rich-Heape Films, Inc. proudly announces their latest documentary, ?Don't Get Sick After June: American Indian Healthcare". On camera presentation by Peter Coyote & featuring: Ben Night Horse Campbell -Tim Giago - President Theresa Two Bulls - Principal Chief Chad Smith.

Don't Get Sick After June: American Indian Healthcare is available on DVD that will include PPR (Public Performance Rights) at the library and educational pricing of $225.00 or the home use price of $29.95 without PPR (Public Performance Rights).

Order the DVD online using our Secure Order Form.
Order by phone: Toll Free: 888-600-2922 or 214-696-6916
FAX Purchase Orders to 214-696-6306.

If you have any questions, comments, would like to pre-order the DVD or just discuss the film, please feel free to contact us to be alerted to the September 1, 2010 Release of "Don't Get Sick After June: American Indian Healthcare."

"Don't Get Sick After June: American Indian Healthcare? a one hour, Hi Definition feature-length documentary, uncovering the timely story of Indian healthcare and the Indian Health Service, told from the Native American prospective, will be released and available for purchase September 1, 2010.

Native American owned Rich-Heape Films, producers of the multi-award winning ?Trail of Tears Cherokee Legacy? and ?Our Spirits Don?t Speak English: Indian Boarding School? chronicles the history of Indian healthcare from the early 1800?s to President Obama?s recent Healthcare Reform Act signed into law in 2010.

Produced by Cherokee Nation Citizen Steven R. Heape, and directed by Chip Richie, this film is a must have resource for schools and libraries

Media Note: To arrange interviews with Mr. Heape, call 214-696-6916 or email a request to: Media images may be captured at

Pre Order: "Don't Get Sick After June: American Indian Healthcare"

Rich-Heape Films, Inc.
5952 Royal Lane, Suite 254,
Dallas, Texas 75230

"Don't Get Sick After June: American Indian Healthcare" will be released soon and we are making the following trailer for your review.


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Conquering Diebetes in the 21st Century
A Feature Film Documentary

Because of your interest in issues facing Native Americans, we are seeking your support on a project that addresses one of the most critical heath issues of our time.

There are currently 23.6 million people in the United States, or 8% of the population, who have diabetes. American Indians are more than twice as likely to develop Type 2 diabetes as non-Hispanic Whites of similar ages. Once considered an elders’ disease associated with adults aged 35 or older, children as young as 4 years of age have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and it is estimated that more than 60% of Native Americans will be diagnosed in their lifetime. The direct and indirect costs of this epidemic exceed $170 billion annually, and the emotional and physiological impact on Native communities is staggering; and simply unacceptable. Complications from Type 2 diabetes include blindness, kidney failure, neuropathy and nerve damage resulting in amputation, and heart disease (American Diabetes Association 2007).

Sovereign Nations Preservation Project Inc., a non-profit, 501c3 company, is producing a documentary film entitled, Conquering Diabetes in the 21st Century, focusing on the historical roots and specific struggle of the Native American community with this disease. The film will be produced by the award winning, Native American-owned Rich-Heape Films, and will provide an accurate and balanced portrayal of this story from the Native prospective. The film documents and exposes the government’s role in the diabetes epidemic in Native America communities, beginning with federal agricultural programs aimed at American Indian reservations and communities.

A sharp historical focus is given to the federal Commodity Credit Corporation Act of 1933, which was created to subsidize the nation’s farmers and ranchers during the Great Depression. The Act, also known as “food dumping,” lies at the heart of federal policies that continue to yield devastating health consequences in Native American communities. Current efforts in American Indian communities to inform and educate on risk factors, prevention and treatment will be examined, and policy recommendations and changes will be considered. Viewers will be reminded that healthcare for Native Americans is not a benefit, it’s the law.

This feature length documentary, produced in high definition, is accompanied by a teachers’ study guide and discussion companion. Scheduled for completion in winter 2009, Rich-Heape Films anticipates a premier screening at the Sundance Film Festival in February 2010. The film will then be provided at little or no cost to tribal schools, health clinics, youth groups and community libraries.

Thank you for making a difference with a tax deductible donation to assist in making this important documentary. Get involved. Please contact us at the number and address below, or contribute directly through Pay-Pal at

5952 Royal Lane, Suite 254 · Dallas · Texas 75230 · Phone 214-696-6916 · FAX 214-696-6306

~ Nama Winner ~
Best Short or Long Form Video
Native American Music Awards
Includes the powerful hit
"I Have No Indian Name"

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Rita Coolidge Order this Native American video now!

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Rita Coolidge, Laura Satterfield,
Priscilla Coolidge

Experience the magic of a Walela live concert on this new DVD, VHS or Audio CD. Performed and recorded on HDTV and Surround sound at the Dallas Theater Center, Kalita Humphreys Theater, Dallas, Texas. Benefiting SNPPI's diabetes awareness projects. 12 of the most beautiful and melodic songs created by Walela. An inspirational musical journey of the Spirit. Open your heart to the marvelous and magical harmony of this very special experience. This wonderful Walela Live In Concert release is a must-have addition for anyone who loves their Cherokee heritage! Running time one delightful hour.

Song Titles
1. The Gathering Of Eagles
2. Cherokee River
3. Cherokee Rose
4. Wash Your Spirit clean
5. I Have No Indian Name
6. When It Comes
7. Muddy Road
8. When Love Is All We Knew
9. Cherokee Morning Song
10. Wounded Knee
11. Tell Them They Lied
12. God Save Us From Ourselves
Rita Coolidge Native American Music Awards

Walela: Live In Concert
~ Nama Winner ~
Best Short or Long Form Video
Native American Music Awards
Rita Coolidge

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